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English - 435 pages - ISBN-10: 038726129X - ISBN-13: 9780387261294

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Cassini At Saturn – Huygens Results
brings the story of the Cassini-Huygens mission and their joint exploration of the Saturnian system right up to date. Cassini
entered orbit around Saturn
2004 so this update includes
8 months of scientific data available for review, including the most spectacular images of Saturn, its rings and satellites ever obtained by a space mission. As the Cassini spacecraft approached its destination in spring 2004, the quality of the images already being returned by the spacecraft clearly demonstrated the spectacular nature of the close-range views that will be obtained. The book
contains a 16-page colour section, comprising a carefully chosen selection of the most stunning images to be released during the spacecraft’s initial period of operation. The Huygens craft, released by Cassini, parachuted through the clouds of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, in January 2005. David Harland
tells the exciting story of the this craft’s journey to the surface of one of the most enigmatic bodies on the Solar System, the only moon to have a dense atmosphere and possibly lakes of liquid gas at -190oC on its surface. Titan is considered to be an early Earth in deep freeze, possibly with the building blocks of life in its atmosphere. There will undoubtedly be enormous interest in the first results and images of Titan’s surface, and
this book is
the first
incisive summary of this groundbreaking material.



Michelle Tremblay

Could not let the book down Sure not a literary master piece, but as one of the reviewers stated, it will keep you turning the pages.

Michelle Johnson

Exciting to read and hard to put down

Craig Thompson

It was damn awesome, sweet, the way of describing the romance was just marvellous

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